Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fear Knocks is Alive

Going to try and make a come back on the languishing webzine, my progeny, Fear Knocks... please submit your fiction, essay, poetry, etc. to editor@fearknocks.com - shooting for a June publication date. Still short on cash, but I can guarantee a Fear Knocks T-shirt to those who are accepted for publication.

Here's a sample of what I'm looking for in poetry:

Black Art

The ink blots ravage my breasts

Seeking black sustenance in words

Their paper-thin lips lapping

The secrets of my soul

A paper cut on my heart

I'll post a sample of what I'm looking for in fiction soon...

b cool!


Cody said...

Excellent, I am oiling the gears of creativity as I type this message!

PrinceofDarkness said...

Cool... since you already have a T-shirt, perhaps one for Jenn, or I have a cool ball-cap... yeah, I'm thinking positive... Mr. Optimistic in the Black Seas of Infinity...

Cody said...

Always in the market for ball caps! :)